Reviews for "Omelettes"

Easy to understand with some nice brain twisters among the puzzles. Great game.

Very well done. The only things I would suggest as improvements graphical or number of mechanics.

Graphically I like the style, but the colors are a little 50's (mustardy).
The panels that match your elevation are very good, maybe running with it panels that are always one higher or one lower. Or a panel elevation that reacts to a button panel.

Amazing game :D

You've managed to make a game that is able to introduce simple mechanics that have to be utilized in various ways to complete hard puzzles on Newgrounds of all platforms. Bruh, I ain't gonna lie I'd purchase a full-length game of this if more levels were added it's that good.

Well... I applaud you for making me think so hard. I was almost certain a few of those levels were damn near impossible, but I managed it. I beat them all.

The only real issue I noticed was that sometimes he would go a different way than the arrow you clicked. Sometimes I'd hit up and he'd go left or something. I don't know what caused it, but it was a random glitch I kept running into. I tried the arrow keys and the WASD keys and it randomly happened no matter what control scheme I used. I also tried both firefox and chrome for browers to see if it was the browser and it wasn't.

On one, there were two frying pans and the level ended after I got one. I don't know if it was a glitch or not cause it didn't feel like I completed the level properly since it looked like I could do both, but I wasn't about to fight it. There were also levels with more eggs than what you needed and it throws you off. But that's sort of a minor complaint. I didn't realize till after I finished the game that the author comment explained the rules (whoops on my part). Luckily I caught it while making the review so I could take that particular criticism away and not count that one against you since you do explain it.

Other than that one issue, it was a good game. Sorta simple in terms of concept, but it does what it sets out to do, and make you think. I wouldn't mind seeing some more complex puzzle games in the future. This was a good way to pass some time.