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Hikari's Station

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Make new friends on the train ride home across Tokyo. Take selfies to rack up points while trying (not) to annoy your cute fellow passengers. Reflect on the charming but fleeting faces around us. Who will you meet?

======= Controls =======

Z - Greet
X - Toggle Camera

Arrow keys/WASD to move.

M to mute. J/K are alternate action/camera buttons.

======= Credits =======

This game is a web port of Hikari's Station (https://jontiburzi.itch.io/hikaris-station). It was re-coded from scratch in Phaser 3 for Pixel Day.

* Game design by Jon Tiburzi (http://jontiburzi.com/).
* Music/Audio by Terrane (http://terranemusic.com/).
* JavaScript porting by me.

======= Background =======

Hikari's Station was first made for the "A Game by Its Cover" game jam, where developers interpret cover art for fictional games, and actually make those games.

This game is unique in that there's absolutely nothing standing in the way of your progress. The only input needed is to board the train. After that, the ride will eventually finish, regardless of your actions. This is as comforting as it is frustrating. There's nothing you can do to get there faster.

This is something I struggled with a lot when porting this game. I was rushing to finish it in time for Pixel Day, and I was trying to start with just the essentials first. But there are no essentials. What's fun about this game is discovering the details, the personalities, or just reflecting.

I was quite surprised at the amount of detail hidden in this seemingly simple game. I told Jon I never even saw half of these things when I first played it. He told me, "No one sees every detail, but every detail is seen."

Not all of those details made it in this port in time for Pixel Day. If you've enjoyed this at all, I urge you to check out the original (https://jontiburzi.itch.io/hikaris-station).

- Omar

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This was so wholesome! It´s a great for people that want to wind, y´now they had a bad day, just loved it, my favorite game from Newgrounds

great art and concept

So cute! One of the most wholesome things ive ever played on this site!

OmarShehata responds:

I'm so glad you enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed discovering the world of Hikari myself!!

so stinking cute! XD

A sweet and simple game that A. Show's how much phones and image have become a big part of society and B. That no matter what form of cat it is, if I don't have 100 pictures in different angles, I'll go insane.