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Reviews for "Hikari's Station"

A really fun and interesting concept. Very well done!

Not my type of the game, but the idea is fun

Well, this is a weird game. It's just you greeting people? I guess that's an interesting concept. It's certainly original. It just didn't have that much point. It's still a very slick looking game.

I always appreciate creativity. You do have mobility. It just doesn't seem that rewarding. It's certainly pleasant. I can like it.

Nice, but there really aren't any levels or unlockables. Basic stuff.

(I guess i'm reviewing the port, though the same applies to the source material mostly) Eeeeeeeh. A somewhat cutesy and original game, though i have to confess it feels lacking in many regards.

Some details are apreciated. The artstyle's tight, the art itself is good. There's a decent variety in the stations themselves and in the passangers, and all of them do have their little personalities, which is cool beans. Their appearance and their mood do reflect the archetypes of people you'd see in a public transport (and well, cats, a whole lot of cats, more than in a goshdarn cats musical). The music's okay and fits the game well.

Unfortunately, there's not much to it beside the aforementioned. The gameplay is ridiculously simple, the passengers don't feel as alive, since they lack any interactivity with the world and with each other. There's no story, there are no subplots to keep you engaged, and, after you greet everyone and take photos with them, there's not much left for you to do but wait for the next station (well yeah, you can always farm dem delicious points, but whatevz). Keeping a tab on your performance by scoring is really the worst way to incentivize the player. It would be cool if the people would express different behavior based on their final mood and affection for the main character, or if there would be different endings and whatnot based on your doings (that would make the ride to the last station that much more impactful), but alas. Sorry, but merely "reflecting" might not be the best thing to do, since there aren't really that many details in the game.

Also, there are some bugs. For example, some people might stay in the train and not leave, and some might just resurface out of the window for whatever reason there is. Also, people can't take a seat in the train, unlike the original game. Plus, you can leave the train station at the second-to-last stop. I also seem to get points from the duplicate photos sometimes. And is the music supposed to just stop abruptly sometimes? And overall, the quality of the port does seem a tad bit inferior to the original. I'd appreciate some content that'll expand on the game.

Overall, despite being a tad bit original, it doesn't offer you much neither in terms of repliability, nor in terms of reflection and/or idea. Maybe i don't get it as much as i should, but no emotion was really evoked in me when i was playing this, and that's probably the worst feeling out there. I kinda question the decision to port such a, putting mildly, barebones game (while also being free). 5/10.