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Reviews for "Hikari's Station"

Loved this game! It's so cute and touching. There's so much personality displayed here. The message being conveyed came across perfectly. The only thing a little meh about it would be how easy it is to get stuck and bump people over and over in less than a second, causing them to get upset, butttt, this too helps convey the feeling of being an over-excited, hyperactive girl trying to not disturb the people on the train. No matter how hard you try not to, doing this sort of thing in public is bound to upset somebody caught in the background of a photo with someone else, and if you're on a crowded train, you'll bump into people whether you want to or not! Really refreshing and cute game that doesn't overstay it's welcome in the slightest.

Thank you so much for the port, if not for sharing the game here, I never would have seen it for myself <3

I also got this pretty funny glitch where after taking a selfie with a couple old people, they got upset and wandered through the right side of the screen and got stuck. The old man was stuck there until the end of the game lol. https://gyazo.com/487229a8ce5cf9fdb0b4b8d093a35177

OmarShehata responds:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I love that I've learned so much about this game just by this act of recreating it and sharing it. I never even thought about the inevitability of annoying others that way.

I've contemplated trying to fix the floating people bug but so many people seem to be getting a kick out of it at this point!

This game is so cute! The interations are so happy. I know it's totally outside the reality, a girl taking selfies with a lot of strangers, but I kinda wish...

The last trip is kinda sad, when she's alone, but she also seems complete, like the day is worth. I like how she can sit on the benchs when she's alone.

Fucking awesome.

Very good! Btw, can i take photos? Or...no? Oh, wait, now i know how to take photos! While you toggle camera, press Z to take photos! :D

realy good game!!

Pretty good! Though I'm kind of a weeb at times, such as products made in Japan, and names that come from Japan. I give that a selfie for that!