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Reviews for "Hikari's Station"

Fun game! The dynamics were interesting, and I loved the retro graphics!
What I found the most interesting, is the last level (or I'd better say, the trip to the last station): it's night, and no one is around. You're the only one left on the train, alone. Your character doesn't run anymore, she just walks. Every selfie taken during this last ride gives no points, because there's nothing worth of capturing. I think it's a nice metaphor of one of the negative side-effects of social media: some people end up living for their "online life", and when there's nothing worth of sharing with others, a sudden void shows up. Silence falls, and they're left pondering if maybe there could be more.
Great game, I hope to see more from you!

OmarShehata responds:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It made my day hearing people connect with it like that!

i liked it


Neat, but sometimes people walk through the train.

Also not too interesting.

Great work! A fun concept that is completely believable (because it happens every day).