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Play as Quail -- an inquisitive, intelligent, and rather regal beast -- who awakens in a mysterious and unknown land. In the distance he hears a voice echoing from deep within a beast-like cave, reaching out to him from the darkness, drawing him near. Unbowed by fear he presses forward, ready to complete any trial he may face.

Complete all 4 challenges to open the Portal within the Celestial Altar and let the Quail's mind be free.

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extra points for birb

This has to be the clunkiest double/triple jump mechanic I've ever seen. The fact that you have to get a pick-up in order to get the triple jump is absurd. The way the screen is centered on the bird makes said jumps very disorienting. The fact that up doesn't jump is also a bit annoying. The story was a bit lack-luster and didn't match up quite right.

The game is nice other than these points, and the art is pretty cool I guess.

Pretty good game! Graphics were pretty, the idea was quite an interesting one and the levels were not very difficult while still keeping me engaged. I did however, find a glitch where at certain points of the levels (they were not the same ones and I couldn't identify what triggered this) where the quail would fall through the floor and just keep floating down. This lead to a bit of frustration when I would have to restart the game in order to fix this.

What a pleasant surprise.
Beautiful aesthetics. Not too simple, not too complex, just easy enough to be a journey.
I enjoyed the ending, as well.
The writing was a bit rought, but it did not affect the overall feel of the game.

Well done!

Weird game. The meaning of the setting, goal and theme of this game are all a little confusing. I think that's how the creator intended it to be, but that didn't really rub off on me. The art seemed good, the animation was really slow and choppy. The gameplay kind of reminds me of Mario 64 with all the loading screens and bizzare movements across the level. The loading screen music is a little irritating.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2018
12:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle