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Reviews for "Quailludes"

Weird game. The meaning of the setting, goal and theme of this game are all a little confusing. I think that's how the creator intended it to be, but that didn't really rub off on me. The art seemed good, the animation was really slow and choppy. The gameplay kind of reminds me of Mario 64 with all the loading screens and bizzare movements across the level. The loading screen music is a little irritating.

Well, that was interesting! In character control, level design, and music, I am reminded of "Jill of the Jungle", a 1992 release from Epic Megagames. That game was also visually, really beautiful. I liked your sound effects, especially the vocals. The plot was quite ham-fisted, but never pretended not to be, so that worked too. I did expect it to be a human, not an actual quail. So you got me there. It could have been longer, and a bit more complicated.

How the hell this was frontpaged? It's mediocre at best

Пoдписывайтесь на Английский без ГМО

There is a bug where you can fall through the floor by going through walls, found it currently only in the fungal level going through the base of the tree and the boneyard walking into the left side of the ditch (right side has feather)

The graphics and music were excellent. The game had a soothing but whimsical vibe; while the puzzles and gameplay were simple, they were intuitive, and with the game's relatively short length they didn't become boring or tired.

The controls left something to be desired, however; in particular the jump mechanics were clumsy, unintuitive, and somewhat frustrating; and as the majority of the game consisted of jumping, this detracted rather significantly.

I saw the twist at the end coming from the beginning. I somewhat hoped it wouldn't be what I thought it was; but sure enough, and I was a little disappointed. As far as a story goes, that's all the game really had, so I have to count that against it also.

It's not bad, but I think it could have been better.