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Reviews for "Quailludes"

Welp, ironically enough, that was quite sobering. I'd say in terms of gameplay, perhaps an option to change the quality would enable the game to run smoother for certain players. All in all, I thought it was pretty great!

Hah, I loved it! Beautiful animated and scored, FREE YOUR MIND!

Maybe the game is too easy but there's a deep message.

Dude, i'm gonna cry, this game was beautiful as fuck artistically but the motion was so bad I couldn't get past the first level because the Quail would move outside of my keyboard strokes. I'm a big fan of aesthetic and well illustrated games, and this was gorgeous, from the pun on Quaaludes to include the namesake of the bird, but the motion aspect was awful.

Very interesting and unique concept. Movements were a bit jerky in some areas, but other than that, everything was fine! The ending completely changes how you look at the game, and gives sight into wtf is actually going on. Based off of this game alone, you definitely have a promising future ahead!