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Reviews for "Quailludes"

I love the story, but the movement and level design in some areas was... rough. I liked how you could go anywhere but didn't like the lack of difficulty advancement. Maybe as you get more high your movements get more erratic and the background becomes blurrier? All aside, you get three stars for the plot and a half star for the gameplay, good job!

Wait wait wait. Lemme get this straight.

I am playing as a bird that is high on drugs.


Then it turns out the game was about animal abuse in laboratories.

I don't even know what to say. Well done.

- fantastic graphics (really like the levels)
- nice atmosphere

The jumping is a bit finicky and I would love to see more levels. Excellent work.

What I saw was nice, but GET A PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER. In the first level I tried I fell through some rocks, but managed to get back up, second level, fell through the floor and disappeared, I couldn't get back up, no menus to restart the level...

The movement was so jerky, it made it almost impossible to see, and while the artwork was great the bird only had about three poses.

Movement wasn't very good, but I've seen worse.

There are no obstacles, not even a moving platform (besides the jerky movement), and this level would be great for a storyline intensive game, but there isn't anywhere enough story for that.

Sadly the title completely spoilered the little story there is. Anyway, the game looks nice and playing a birb is a welcome variation. What I feel was lacking, however, were bird mechanics. How about gliding? How about hitting stuff with the beak (instead of levers for example)? I don't know how much time you invested, but I feel as if you could have delved deeper into the concept. I didn't feel any difference in the difficulty of the levels, which is fine since you can choose which to play first, but I think a difficulty increase over time (i.e. higher doses) would be nice. The music and the voices were nice overall, but I would prefer if they changed over the course of the game as well (changing accordingly to the text information). It would deliver some subtle unrest that fits the story.
To sum up my opinion, you did quite a good job in just making the game, but I think you did not fully utilise the potential.

Very interesting concept. I had a feeling how it was going to end from the text between levels. The only thing I would feel could be better is the jumping mechanic. When you need to reach a place using a triple jump your character doesn't stay at maximum height for very long. With platforms that need you to be at maximum jump height there's very little time to react.