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Elvis & Dimmi

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An elf named Elvis and a dwarf named Dimmi roam around a fantasy realm on blood thirsty quests for treasure and glory.

Written and Directed by Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson
Animation by Ivan Dixon http://pug-of-war.tumblr.com/
Paul Robertson http://probertson.tumblr.com/
Additional Animation by Andrew Onorato http://www.andrewonorato.com/
Music by Cornel Wilczek https://electricdreams.co/
Sound by Cornel Wilczek and Pascal Babare
Sound Supervisor Leyla Varela

Bailey: Mel Roach http://melaphantastic.tumblr.com/
Elvis & Dimmi: Ivan Dixon https://twitter.com/IvanRDixon
Hannah & Wendy: Claire Mazz https://www.facebook.com/clairemazz
Gate Goblin: Julian Frost http://julianfrost.co.nz/work/
Goblin Child 1: Hazel Wilczek
Goblin Child 2: Jeanie Wilczek
Gary & Shopkeeper: Alex Hirsch https://twitter.com/_alexhirsch

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This warmed my RPG playing heart :)

The animation is pretty nice and the gore was awesome, but this was not a comedy. It was a psychological horror story made to look like a parody.
The music was great and the action could be quite cool, but the characters were just incredibly unlikable. And this isn't like Archer or Rick and Morty, because Archer is a dick to everyone but isn't a heartless monster. He has compassion and is called out on being a dick. Rick has Morty to nag him into not being as terrible and he's at least detached. He doesn't actively go seeking to inflict pain on everything. He does that a lot, but he still at least somewhat cares for Morty. What we saw here were 2 sociopathic slavers torturing their slave and finally killing him, as well as killing countless innocents gruesomely. You went out of your way to make them as unlikable as possible to make the humor dark, but you forgot to give them redeeming qualities. There was some humor in how they're kinda losers, but that was really off-putting. The voice acting for Elvis also seemes kinda off at times, and the action in the temple was weird, all of a sudden Elvis was separated from the goblin, whrn a moment ago he was getting crushed by him. The backstory at the start was very funny and built up a world where this sort of thing could work. I agree with @thesemichrist, this reminded me of Starbarians, but the Starbarians weren't torturing a slave constantly (at least not in the first one, haven't seen the second yet). They overkilled a villain and took everything from a king, kidnapped a girl. They still weren't overly hostile to anyone for absolutely no reason. They did things for personal gain, not because they wanted to be evil.
High production quality for the most part, but the characters and story were so off-putting it was hard to watch.

I don't normally re-watch videos on newgrounds, but this is an exception. It's so good in so many ways. I really hope for a part 2.

Animation wise, i would've given this a whole 6/5, no questions asked, you guys really went all out. but man, i did not like how the main characters were handled, i think i get what you were trying to go for, sort of a starbarians kinda thing where the setting of the story kind of allows the main characters to get away with there blatant cruelty and said blatant cruelty can be hilarious, but in this case it was a bit hard to enjoy, mostly because the other characters that were being attacked are just too innocent, they didn't deserve the things that happened to them so there was no form of humor to be found in it, it honestly would have been better if it ended on the goblin kid beating them up and throwing them out of the village, giving them what they deserved, and maybe have this be the main focus of the story:

elvis and dimmi attack innocent people trying to get rich and famous and they're defeated justly and maybe even develop as characters to the point where they're not so bad and start winning, with there goals of fame and fortune still intact. i know it's probably not the kind of style the show was trying to go for but i still think that it's one of the only ways it's be good, story wise

overall, i really think this had potential if you want to make it a whole series but the improvement on the main characters is much to be desired, but again, animation wise it's ultimately flawless XD i seriously can't get over it