Reviews for "Elvis & Dimmi"

That was great. Always was a fan of your work paul

This ranks up there with those high quality cartoons on cartoon network, probably better than most! And the a-hole characters remind me that not all main characters have to be good and that's what makes it interesting. Sorta like ed,edd, n eddy! Beyond Awesome work dude!

very good movie

Amazing animation and story! I love pixel art more than anything so this really got me interested.

My only gripe is the beginning wall of pixel-drawn text. It's a little complicated to look at (I did it read it and found it funny); and though it is readable, I didn't feel compelled to read through it. In my first watch of this animation I skipped the text - and everyone I shared it with did likewise - and enjoyed the story all the same. I believe the beginning text added very little value to the animation other than to foreshadow the absurdity.

I would suspect that such large walls of text might in fact deter viewers who don't want to read but also believe that they won't experience the same enjoyment from the animation as others unless they read all of it.

Also as you watch the large text scroll up, it really messes with the visual effect when it suddenly stops at the bottom. For a solid minute you had me reading to keep up with the scrolling and then to have it stop so suddenly causes a little discomfort. In my opinion it would have been easier on the eyes had the text just scrolled up out of view.

Incredibly great work, I really hope to see more!

Well, aren't those guys a bunch of disgusting assholes, lol. But for real, this is one of the best things I ever watched on NG. Looking forward to the sequel. This could easily be an Adult Swim cartoon.