Reviews for "Elvis & Dimmi"

Well, I thought It was good, I just Don't Like When the family died. I am forever sad for them now.

great animation
such a shame those two where such a dick,s

Alright. Nice job on the art & animation though I am greatly annoyed by the fact that you clearly have the talent to have put it to much better use than more tired damn pixel animations. Pixel Day? Fine. OK. But I see nothing suggesting that this was made for Pixel Day specifically. I feel like a lot of effort was wasted on a sub-par art style that keeps us from seeing your full potential, though I will say it still managed to look great despite. Maybe I'm just a little biased against pixel art & 8-bit art and such, but I feel like the trend has overstayed its welcome at this point. I want HD again. lol

Unfortunately I agree with what everyone is saying in how the "story" was miserable. Pretty much non-existent and the attempt at dark comedy was not well-made. No, this was just gratuitous violence that was only especially funny if you're a little twisted. None of it made me so much as smile, rather it made me grimace. And that's really bad considering I absolutely LOVE dark humor of all sorts. As long as it's done well with good comedic timing and all. This didn't manage to do that. It really didn't help that the characters were hardly likable at all and lacked personality big-time. Had there been some kind of a stark contrast to their evil deeds...say, trying to also do good deeds, possibly right in the middle of slaughtering their way through the town, with humorous reactions, it could have lightened the mood and made it a lot more funny & ridiculous than pointlessly cruel. Think Starbarians. They do horrible shit, but it's hilarious. There's an extremely obvious lack of competence & serious tone that makes it funny vs cringe-worthy.

And for the record, I get that that aspect's a nod to RPG/Adventure gameplay's freedom & all, but that doesn't make it any funnier as its presented.

Hope this was helpful.

In awe of the presentation, but still found the story to be unpleasantly mean spirited and unremarkable. I Personally think pitch dark humor only works when the story or dialogue is really clever, and I didn't really find this clever at all. Can't ignore the incredible animation and artwork though.

That was dark, and demented. A few times, it was almost predictable, but most people pull back. Your anime was predictible in the way watching a car crash i predictable. You think there will be horrible bloody carnage, but are hoping the cars will miss. But in your world, the car hit every single time, if you understand the analogy. This was beautiful as art in every way. And hilarious. Comedy Central should adopt this series to follow South Park for a bloody good time!