Reviews for "Elvis & Dimmi"

As a pixel artist myself, this is a wonderful peice and I’m glad to see it getting recognition! I honestly believe that limitations breed creativity, and being forced to work with so few pixels made your character designs SUPER memorable and let you accomplish a ton of cool action scenes. Great work!

If I wanted to watch assholes twitching, I could just watch porn, at least everyone is having a good time. You put work into it, and it looked great, I won't fault you for that. For me the best part was that ridiculously written wall of text in the beginning.

Pros: Excellent animation
Decent Voice Acting

Cons: Too predictable comedy
Obvious RPG games references
Obvious reiterative fantasy storytelling jokes
Edgy as fuck

This animation have a high quality in technical aspects but the big surprise is the fucking writing is FUCKING RAW.

Holy crap! You actually got Alex Hirsch in this?! I've been following his Twitter page for a long time and he made no mention of this. I just loved the artwork in this. It wasn't really sprites. It was something much cooler!

I enjoyed every minute of this. This is a long submission for this website, but it's worth to watch the whole thing! I just loved the action. This might have even worked better as an action cartoon than a comedy. Anyway, it's awesome. I hope this becomes a series.

tl;dr: Cudos for this piece of art

Really good animation, a bit eye candy, but that changes just when the gore scenes are shown. A real morsel for lipsync as well, wondering however what tool was used for creating the graphics and how long did it take to animate one whole sentence (does it take it longer when you would have used hand/tablet/mouse drawn animation?).

The voicework shows off when the goblin village scene arrives and later we meet the heroines (female villans?). Every sound and music piece sounds like a game, which is really putting the pressure on "this is a game parody")

The idea of creating a piece about video game parody from the side of "villanious" side sounds almost like Starbarians in pixelated form, but you do efortlessly slide the atmosphere from "chaotically merry" Starbarians to "gruesome cold-hearted" adventurers. Because this makes the adventurers look like some kind of evil mercenaries, or kid-bandits without a charm, some viewers will likely oppose the idea of such story telling, some other won't be bothered at all saying "its fine".
Both will likely be kept captivated by the series thou, one half rooting for their success and the other half waiting for the heroes tragic demise. Because the viewers will be split, maybe try to direct the story based of votes :)? (although bad idea, even the bastard viewers will want to see the guys HUNG at the end :P)
Got to add, for a pixel art about dungeons and dragons it sure has a tragic atmosphere (why are the protagonists so hard assed)