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Big ICE Tower Tiny Square

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Having trouble? Play the first game: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/684617

Looking for the enhanced stand-alone version of Big Tower Tiny Square? Check it out on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/751250/Big_Tower_Tiny_Square/

After the events of Big Tower Tiny Square, the villainous Big Square has fled to his giant Ice Tower in order to escape Tiny Square's revenge!

Dodge bullets, leap over deathly-cold water, and wall-jump your way up the Big ICE Tower in this tough-but-fair sequel to Big Tower Tiny Square. Precision is key to success! No sprint, no double-jump, and no floaty controls! Just quick deaths and generous respawn points.

Like it's predecessor, Big ICE Tower Tiny Square is heavily inspired by single-screen arcade games. The game is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously designed. It will take precision and skill to navigate the maze-like tower.

Controller Support
Plug in a controller (Xbone/360 fully supported) if you prefer to throw a controller instead of smash a keyboard after particularly grueling death. The controller must be plugged in before your browser is opened to be recognized.


Move: A and D or Arrow Keys

Jump/Swim: SPACE/Z/W/Up Arrow

Walljump: Press a Jump button when adjacent to a wall.

Reset to last checkpoint: R

Main Menu: ESC


Left Joystick or D-PAD to move

A Button to jump

Y Button to reset to last checkpoint

START - Main Menu

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A good game,but,its rageful and for me,sometimes unfair.
I got to the last part of the 3rd/4th section after around 97 tries,then,kept dying,like what the f--k ,i know its made to be hard,but its still bad.2.5/5 stars.

This series is amazing mate

Very nice! I already played it on another website but it was nice to make a speedrun ^^ good job :)

A wonderful game, but very tedious.

Pretty nice game in general!

The mechanics are pretty basic modern platformer mechanics, with regular jumps, wall jumps, and a series of different obstacles, but the game utilizes them pretty well. First of all, because every platforming section is carefully made to be challenging (even frustrating at times) but never in an unfair way (that is, the mechanics are consistent, nothing catches you by surprise, and trial-and-error is kept to a minimum). A few parts are really, really unforgiving, but never unfair.

Another very interesting thing is how we can see a lot of the playing field at once, by virtue of the tiny sprite. That, for some reason, gives us an awesome perspective of just how huge an endeavor is ahead of our little square friend, making us all the more satisfied when we finally finish climbing that gargantuan tower.

Other than the gameplay, there's also the song that plays throughout the game, and it is pretty awesome. It kept me pumped from beginning to end, being appropriately epic while still evoking a bit of a Christmas spirit with the typical bells. It loops a bit strangely (it sounds like it stops for a fraction of a second before looping), but that didn't bother me too much.

The graphics are basic, but they do their job, and there's something appealing about a game where we can see so much at once, even if the single elements of the thing we're looking at are all basic.

So yeah, definitely give this a try. It's not perfect, though, and it can get frustrating.