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Reviews for "Big ICE Tower Tiny Square"

Excellent in every conceivable way. I would like to take the opportunity to speak to some of the "new developers" on this site: this is the perfect example how to make a minimalist game. Copy this.


- tight controls
- predictable jumping
- finally a wall climb that actually works
- lovely tune in the background
- level design
- scaling difficulty (not easy but nothing too brutal)

I mean this should be the STANDARD on this site in 2017 and yet we have these MSPAINT games that get NONE of the above right. Study this game guys.

Just like with your earlier Tower game I had an absolute blast. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

EvilObjective responds:

Thanks dude!

Hard but fun :)

Love it! Really good! Great puzzles. Like a mini, low-fidelity Meat Boy. Very difficult. I beat the game, but I still don't fully understand all of the controls to be honest. I found the puzzles designs and the twist 2/3 through really satisfying. It made me respect your puzzle designs more, that's for sure.

Very nice! I already played it on another website but it was nice to make a speedrun ^^ good job :)

This series is amazing mate