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Reviews for "Big ICE Tower Tiny Square"

Hey, didn't you HATE the ice levels in old platformers? Well what if we made the whole GAME into an ice level, that way you're sure to like it through Stockholm syndrome.

I think this one was easier. But damn my hand hasn't hurt so much since Jlaw's fappening happened (or the previous game).

Music was kinda annoying.

Excellent game. Level of difficulty is challenging and quite hard to finish the whole game. But overall really well-done!

Love it! Really good! Great puzzles. Like a mini, low-fidelity Meat Boy. Very difficult. I beat the game, but I still don't fully understand all of the controls to be honest. I found the puzzles designs and the twist 2/3 through really satisfying. It made me respect your puzzle designs more, that's for sure.

Hard but fun :)