Big Tower Tiny Square

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1.2.2 Notes
- Removed the wall-stick
- Wall-jumping is easier
- Misc. control tweaks. Player speed is lower however there is now better control in the air and less slippery on the ground.
- Minor level design changes to accomodate the new controls.
1.2.1 Notes
- Minor control changes
1.2.0 Update Notes

- Adjusted momentum on ground and in air for tighter controls.

- Z on keyboard can now be used to jump

- Reduced the volume of the music

- Very slightly reduced the effect of gravity on the player

- Minor adjustments to the design of the tower to accommodate momentum/gravity changes
1.1.1 Hotfix - Removed some debug keys


A/D or Arrow keys to move
SPACE OR Z to jump and swim
Jump when adjacent to a wall to wall jump!
ESC to go to main menu

The Premise

Your best friend Pineapple has been stolen by Big Square and taken to the top of a deathtrap-filled Big Tower. Climb the Big Tower, Tiny Square, and rescue Pineapple!

...Yes the premise is stupid, but the gameplay is fun! Speaking of which...


Dodge bullets, leap lava pits, and wall-jump your way up the Big Tower in this tough-but-fair platformer.
Anyone can do that, right? Sure the controls are easy, and the obstacles are fair. But do you have the skill necessary to make it to the top? Precision is key to success! No sprint, no double-jump, and no floaty controls! Just quick deaths and generous respawn points.

Arcade Inspired

Big Tower Tiny Square is heavily inspired by single-screen arcade games. The game is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously designed. It will take precision and skill to navigate the maze-like tower.

Controller Support

Plug your Xbone/360 Controller in and check the in-game instructions for the controls.


Two hundred and eighty one, that's the number of times I died when playing this game. It frustrated me beyond belief, but it was still fun and felt rewarding when I finally managed to beat it (in spite of the anticlimatic ending). Aside from some control issues, the challenge felt legitimate and fair at (mostly) all times.

This is your everyday action platformer, with regular jumps, wall jumps, a plethora of obstacles, and a mostly linear path to the end. It stands out, though, due to pretty good level design and the overall sense of scale we get when we see such large chunks of the game at once. It maddened me and made me punch my keyboard in frustration, but it never bored me nor made me feel like my deaths were unfair. If you're into these nearly masochistic (but still fair) games, this is for you.

There are a few issues with the controls, though. In particular, with the jumping response time. Very often did I fall into the lava due to not being able to jump because I pressed the jump button too close to the edge. That frustrated me more than it should.

Also, the wall spikes are often too hard to see if you're not a person with perfect eyesight, which led me to die more times than I should due to simply not noticing the wall spikes in time.

All in all, though, this is pretty good.

i can't start the game.

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You sick evil bastards! All of that for a pineapple?! Seriously you are worse than Nazis! Rethink your life and then kill yourself.

Ps. Backspace at the end doesn't work.


-Maybe it's just me, but i would appreciate a little zoom on player

Loses 2 and a half stars because the majority of developers cannot seem to make a bug free game with a jump key, sometimes it will jump for you, at lot of the time it can't be bothered and despite needing some serious precision with this game you will die a lot through no fault of your own, the character will just simply not jump when you press the key quite a lot! Catchy game, nice music, good concept but ruined by a laggy/buggy jump so stopped playing after lvl 6 I'm afraid.

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3.93 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2016
12:05 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop