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Stellar Squad

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Abilities 5 Points

200 Abilities used in combat

Action 5 Points

600 Action Points spent

Armor 5 Points

5.000 Armor points destroyed

Class 5 Points

160 Class changes performed

Crew 5 Points

150 Crew Points wasted

Crit 5 Points

300 Critical hits striked

Deflect 5 Points

600 Enemy shots deflected

Engineer 5 Points

300 bots killed by Engineer

Fire 5 Points

50.000 Shots fired

Flash 5 Points

200 Bots killed by Flash strike

Forcer 5 Points

400 bots killed by Forcer

Grenades 5 Points

150 Bots Stunned by Grenades

Hacked 5 Points

250 Bots hacked

Heal 5 Points

5.000 Damage healed

Heavy 5 Points

900 bots killed by Heavy

Igni 5 Points

200 Bots set on fire

Impulse 5 Points

100 Bots stopped by EM Impulse

Killa 5 Points

Killed 100 bots

Lost 5 Points

25 Squadmates lost

Marines 5 Points

1.200 bots killed by Marine

Mass Killa 5 Points

Killed 1.000 bots

Mines 5 Points

100 Bots stepped on Mines

Protection 5 Points

500 Shots deflected by Protection field

Rich 5 Points

Gained 25.000 credits

Rocket 5 Points

300 Bots killed by Rocket Strike

Shockwave 5 Points

400 Bots killed by Shockwave

Shootas 5 Points

Killed 1.000 ranged shooters

Slowed 5 Points

1.500 Bots slowed down

Stunned 5 Points

500 Bots Stunned

Upgrades 5 Points

100 combat upgrades placed

Veterancy 5 Points

500 Veterancy promotions gained

Victory 5 Points

First victory

Act One 10 Points

Act one completed

Act Two 10 Points

Act Two completed

Challenge 10 Points

Completed Challenge

Damage 10 Points

1.500.000 Damage dealt

Hammerbots 10 Points

Killed 50 Hammerbots

Hard 10 Points

Completed Hard wave

Rockfella 10 Points

Gained 50.000 credits

Survive 10 Points

Survived with 1 Crew Points remaining

All Hard 25 Points

All Hard waves done in any Act

Nightmare 25 Points

Killed 10.000 bots

Act Three 50 Points

Act Three completed

All challenges 50 Points

All challenges completed

100 100 Points

100% Campaign completion

Author Comments

After a year of development I'm proud to present my new game, Stellar Squad.

From veteran game developer Platon Shkedov comes Stellar Squad, a game full of hours of space marines, lasers, robots, missiles, machine guns, and huge explosions. Use 6 marine classes, 14 abilities, and over 50 upgrades to help you conquer dozens of levels and 30 enemy types.

All controls are explained in-game. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas! I've put lots of efforts in making this game, but there's still enough things to improve. :)

Cheers, and have fun!

P.S. I'm working on adding an option to obtain premium edition directly at NG, but this will take some time. Thanks!

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good stuff, you can't understand how much i'm hating the fact that the last class is locked by the "premium mode"

okoish (ok+noish=nice)

It doesn't save, otherwise great game :)

Really great. Wish one of the characters wasn't locked behind the premium version but still fun.

Badass Game, Really addicting.
And also FREE.

Even without the premium is still fun.