Reviews for "Stellar Squad"

This seems like a slight twist on tower defense. Should be able to set up the troops ahead of time. Should be able to get more information on the units and how they compare. Main reason I scored it so low is that it pretended to be squad action when it is really tower defense. Too many better TDs out there already.

Very good game. Campaning, story, units. I really enyojed playing this game. But i found some unbalanced or bugs in this project :
First : Forcer - i feel he is really weak as units compare to other. His Shockwave is really usesfull but as units is reall awfull. His abilities and damage are weak compare to marine or heavy.
Second : after completing hard wave i should get relic upgrade but i didint get two times a row. I dont know why it happen.
Third : Medic - okay i heard some of him being little weak but i feel he is very powerfull. He has good base damage, health and very usesfull to help other teammates. Taking two medic make game very easy for my campaning :d. For me medic should be powerfull with his abilities and only reduce his basic stats.
For me game is really good and fun to play !

Excellent. Challenging and addictive. I see only one little problem : upgrading the medic is way less effective than the others - I tried various combos among my games and the one I invested in the medic was the more difficult to win. Fortunately, you can take back your choice, so this little imbalance is of no consequences.

On a technical note, the last trophy, "100% campaign completion", doesn't register on my account - although I beated the game three times in three different days... Does anyone have the same problem ?

platonskedow responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked the game :)
Hopefully any unregistered but already unlocked achievements will be awarded in the upcoming update. Please come back in a few days and check it. Thanks!

i like this game but have more medals

This Game IS AWESOME!!!