Reviews for "Stellar Squad"

wow! i love this game! very good job platonskedow!!! ;-)

this is a good game all in all,tho i wish there was a mode that lets you play as the robots...maybye a prequel is in order?

( Before playing ): Mann, I knew that after platonskedow made a new game it would be good, and boi, I think this one will be so good that I am saying that it is good before even playing it!

( During first level ): Its pretty much royal warfare, but with guns... The jokes are funny tho.

( After playing for a while ): The game is pretty good, it has some diferent mechanics, tho, I wish I could attack instead of just defend, kinda like a RTS you know, but oh well, I managed to enjoy the game anyway. Graphics don't really matte for me, and i'd say they're pretty good, it has some funny jokes and overral good gameplay, but, in the next game you make, if it stays the same as royal warfare, my ratings will surely start decreasing, creating the same game over and over, but with just diferent troops and graphics doesn't make it good, I hope to see more of your games in the future and thank you for making this game.


Level 5's challenge can go fuck itself.