Reviews for "Stellar Squad"

Love this game. One of the best strategy/defense games in a long a time. AND THAT BOSS MUSIC!!! Damn when the AI Boss joined the fight and the music shifted you knew it was gonna be rough and the whole mood shifted to "time to get serious"

I playing it to completion and maybe a 2nd time with the premium stuff!

Loving it so far, just played through the entirety of Act 1.

Found a couple of bugs, but I haven't managed to reproduce them consistently.

Sometimes, the soldiers don't spawn even when the robots start moving towards the ship. Seems to have something to do with doubling the speed before the level starts.

Also, sometimes, the change class and shield options remain locked for the entirety of the level, forcing all your soldiers to remain cadets.

Other than those bugs, this is a great game.

Great Game! I'm currently playing through it. I really like your art style and the special weapons you can use during the fights. Looking forward to beating your game and checking out whatever you've got cooking up next!

Nice, simple, tower defence game. I like how enemies only come from one direction, since it cuts down on the thinking required.

I also like the Mass Effect-inspired music.

I loved the game! I was struggling a lot, until i got stuck on the first mission of Act ll, that got me retrying several times, upgrading... until i gave up...