Reviews for "Stellar Squad"

I loved the game. But who is Valentina Rae?

platonskedow responds:

Check out Defender's quest: Valley of the Forgotten :)

First game on Newgrounds I've genuinely enjoyed in a while. I could see myself buying this on console. Please bring premium to Newgrounds though, it's the only thing this game is missing.

I really dig this game. The game play and the dynamics of various squad combinations is great. My complain, like many others is that the bonus content is hidden unless you go to Kongregate (ergo the 4 instead of 5 stars). I get the reasoning..... but I wonder if a solution could be created.

Are you using LocalSharedObjects to store the game state? If so, could you write a script to migrate game data from New Grounds to Kongregate... and import function so to speak? Certainly that would be simple enough. Export the data to JSON and import the same data. Just thinking aloud.

platonskedow responds:

Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately adding an ability to purchase stuff at NG is not so easy. I have to seek some 3d party soluton like paypal\xsolla for that, and it will definitely take some time.
And by the way there's a built-in option to export\import savegames. You can find a button at the top left corner :)

A true masterpiece. Everything is superb.

wow, it's absolutelygreat game.