WHOOKOS - Episode: 2

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Finally after forever, forever has ended. Enjoy the next installment of WHOOKOS. There's comedy and action.

Misspelled two voice actors names in end credits. Of course I did.
"Austin Matthews" and "Rob Reilly" are the correct names.

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I admit that I didn't really watch this series when it came out because honestly I didn't find much interest in it. However, after watching it, I must say that you have a lot of potential with this series. I would love to see this series continue, though there are some things that might need work.

The good things in this is that it's got a unique story, and even though the real story hasn't been revealed yet, I get the feeling it's gonna be good with everything set up here. Though honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about where the story's going since not much of the struggle has been set up yet other than them fighting the group of guys and Valas who I assume will become a major rival for the group. The art style is really nice, and the voices aren't bad even if there's some awkwardness in lines here and there.

As for areas that need improvement... This is a bit of a longer list. First problem is that the fight scenes are awkward. The movements don't look natural, and the fighting doesn't really flow that well in this one. Honestly, Valas seems like she just got knocked around because the plot demanded it, since she seemed like she should have no problem taking them all down but just couldn't. The plot also seems to be all over the place currently. Two episodes in, and the only thing close to a struggle with the heroes has been Valas who the group defeated. Honestly, there's been very little in terms of "plot" that has been introduced, and what little has been introduced has felt forced. A tree that shows up on infrared and them seeing an explosion while up at the tree? Seems a little too convenient. Also, the 'devices' they use are basically doing what cell phones do, except for perhaps the infrared vision. I really hope there's something unique there. For example, the guy using the map data really needs to understand that Google Maps exists. Honestly, I would rework the devices into something unique rather than just having them basically be smartphones. I get they were introduced years ago, but cell phones could still do what pretty much what they do now 3 years ago. And why exactly do their "phones" need infrared exactly? I would work on the story for future installments.

Another thing to work on is the humor. I am aware this was written two years ago, and I do understand that many people may find things like fart jokes funny, but honestly, your animation is better off without such childish humor. I can see some people's complaints about pretty sour humor, and I understand their opinions. If you are continuing this, I recommend being a little more classy with your humor. The dialogue, while not bad (aside from some of the humor), is really awkward and also needs more work.

As for the characters... They need some development bad. All I can tell about any of the characters is that Scoot is the main one. That's pretty much it. I don't know who anyone is, or what makes them unique. You took a step in the right direction in this one with giving each of them their own sorta unique style in the fight, but overall, the characters aren't developed enough to really make us care about them. The only real reason Valas stands out in this is that she's a female and an antagonist. The rest of the characters really don't stand out and none of them are unique enough to care about.

All in all, it's a pretty great series that I am curious to see where it goes if it is still being developed. I think with a little work, this can be a really great series if the problems are fixed.

Typical anime fan boi animation. Reminds me of an online game where you can create your own characters using flash and everyone used motion tweens in this game and made themeselves anime. I'm use to this shit now. I'm sick of it. weird body portion too

What a load of trite. Biggest pile of cliché self aggrandizing. If we do an animation of ourselves being "badass" and spouting stupid unfunny one-liners, everyone will see how cool we are! Some of the worst, half assed dialogue I have ever heard. This wasn't just some quick write up either. This group of chuckle fucks got together and collaborated on these one dimensional Mary Sue's. Your animation could be really good if you got over yourselves, but as of now, this is self indulgent crap.

I watched the rest after I reviewed and I wish I could give it Zero Stars 10 times over. It just got more and more cliché. I cant count the number of times I rolled my eyes on this offence of a senses. I.... I mean, this is just so bad. I can't express enough how cringeworthy these 10 minutes were.

It is very well done and quite elaborate, good job :D

I think this is torn in consistency of quality, but absolutely, 100% keep making these. I wanna get into what I liked, what I feel could use work, and generally what kind of impression I got from this. I hope it can be constructive, but there's a lot of good going for this.

I kinda feel like the length of the production has severely damaged a lot of "getting everything just right" and perfectionism involved, in the spirit of just getting the damn thing made. To be honest, it's a tough call, but it's the right call to be made, if this is indeed what kinda went on. I subbed after the first episode 3 years ago, so when I saw WHOOKOS episide 2 I exclaimed "holy shit, took long enough" out loud... I feel bad that was my reaction in retrospect, because this is god damned 10 minutes of content. That's one hell of a lot of length for what we usually see in NG, and I love that on its own.

Things that I enjoyed about this:
-The way characters have unique color schemes, facial shapes, often voice actors, and so forth. I think it's very easy to get stuck to one style and struggle to add variety to how characters appear on canvas. As a character's role should stand out, so should this be reflected visually, literally adding visible difference between characters. In this regard, I admire the diversity greatly.
-I found myself entertained consistently, and curious as to what occurred within the frame, although not super deeply at one point in time. The story is a bit freeflow, which has its own tradeoffs just kinda being less cookie cutter and more a casual series of events.
-The diversity of angles and the work with backgrounds/environment. I know this falls under art once again, but there's a difference between being able to draw or present something in the first place, and being able to draw or present something in an immersive 3d space, and have it all work, despite changes in angles and perspective. I fucking suck ass at drawing at multiple angles, so you sir are already leagues above what my artistic ability may ever be. Personal props for that one.
-Solid voice acting delivery, and unique writing. The writing was nothing so exceptional as to make me demand you win awards for it, but the voice acting within the writing helped sell it greatly. I feel the chemistry was more vivid than most VA jobs, and the ways characters expressed their role in sound as well as the previously listed function and art really does complete the trinity of selling the protagonists, and even the she-antagonist later.

Stuff I'd consider working with:
-Fight Choreography. I found myself kinda in disbelief at some of this, to be honest. Choreography for action is no easy task. I've spoken with other animators about this, and I've seen many excellent products lack this bulletin point almost exclusively, being the only noticeable tarnish on a product. What is presented here has a distinct style and its own artistic "showmanship" with how the struggles play out. There's a soul in this, and that's undeniable, however, when I see a guy get punched in the back of the head (IRL, that's the kind of shit that could kill you or put you in a wheelchair) and just shrug it off, then elbow a dude and pwn him several times harder, I'm kinda bewildered. The only explanation is the guy who got hit is just that hard headed, and the protagonists are blatantly stronger than their enemies. That often is what they should be, but in a less overt way, for a truly satisfying back and forth. Equally, the back and forth between the pros and the chick was there much more so, she clearly not being such a throw away. However, I found the fight to be more about knockback and repetition, and less about actually producing an effect and feeling powerful. If the knockback is truly off the charts, it kind of desensitizes itself to "people just weigh nothing" in my mind, so for me this was a bit of a downside. And I KNOW that asking for a back and forth and more power in succession is evil, since it demands both more quantity and more time, care, and quality, respectively. I distinctly feel you learned a lot on this project and were pushing your skills greatly to produce the best rendition of what you imagined. That's how you do it. Challenge yourself, make what you did before look easy, and keep growing your skills, win or lose.
-Speaking of which, some strike angles during the action seemed too short or too awkward, mostly due to camera space and start pose vs end pose for the characters. Not much to say about this one, but while some weren't the best, most were plenty acceptable, so this is a relatively small issue, proportionally.
-This one's REALLY getting nitpicky, but having an all guy squad, followed by an evil she lady just feels weird. Concept of sexism irrelevant, it's odd to see the lady posed as A. the first non-sausage, B. a thing of beauty, and C. a thing of inexplicably high power all within a very short frame. If more women had existed, A would be off my list. If one of the guys hadn't hit on her first thing, B would be off my list, but TBH that made sense based on his character and deepened it, so this is far from a sin. And if the combat wasn't so numerically disproportionate, and as I got the vibe, "floaty", C would've been greatly mitigated. Any one or even two of these I could live with, but I feel it was a lot out of left field in how it painted several aspects all in one place. By comparison, the thug guys seemed even more mundane, although some mediocrity is obviously embedded into their character, for scaling with the fight with the lady. Tough calls all around.

I am not exceptionally entertained by this piece, but its role as art is undeniable, and its ability to grow more entertaining as your craft and experience both grow is thrilling. Whatever you do, don't stop doing what you love, and don't stop trying to push into new frontiers. I'm already seeing some great growth in the frame, and you have my interest locked in, without a doubt.

A good, fairly original product. Want to see more in the future.
7/10, 4/5, ~WCCC

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Jun 30, 2017
12:28 PM EDT
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