Reviews for "WHOOKOS - Episode: 2"

I especially appreciate the background art, but the whole movie is good.

Holy Hell, I'm rarely on NG anymore and I happen to get on and what do I find? Whookos Episode 2!!! Good job man! I enjoyed every last bit of it, and if I had to leave some sort of comment is that you might want to keep your SFX levels in mind in the overall mix. Other than that, bravo!

Lol the second episode no one asked for

WHOOKOS responds:

Well, hundreds of people asked for it. But ok.

Its bright, colorful, and an excellent quality animated short film
I liked the whole "feel" of the 2D characters up against the 3D backgrounds.
I liked the use of the shadows on the characters.

The voice acting was good and the dialogue wasn't cliche.

I hated the character designs though.
They looked like exaggerated cute, big eyed anime characters drawn by some 14 year old girl on deviant art (no offense to deviantart).
There designs had no detail and when they moved there was no sense of perspective, foreshortening, or space.

The animation was really flat, stiff, and simple.

This was the same day another second episode appeared on Newgrounds! Two by my favorite authors, nonetheless! There's a fair number of characters in this series. It's still hard to keep up with them. You draw so beautifully. The animation seems better than ever.

The voices are great. Everyone's is so distinct. I am eager to see where this story goes. I like the idea of the lone woman being the most powerful member of a group. The action was quite good.