Reviews for "WHOOKOS - Episode: 2"

Now that was epic!!!!!!!!!!
Sure hope the next episode will be here soon.

holy smokes that was cool.... it was for some twist of fate i just decided to pop on newgrounds and what did i find.... this... it was like... WHAT THE!?!?! like it pulled me in to just find you uploaded something after so long ago... great animation though i will miss some of the original voice actors but the comedy, style and play you done with your animations are still what we liked about you...good to see you still trying to do something that you like doing

Eek! New episode of whookos! I've been waiting for this wooo! I'm so happy and my face is about to break from grinning like a loon and laughing so hard! So happy this was uploaded! This was awesome!!!!

I think I'm gonna cry. I've got so many memories coming back. And this animation is so great.
Really happy to see you back.
Also thanks to the voice actors, they're really good as well.

great that you are back. Always been a fan of your art style and can't wait for more content.