Reviews for "WHOOKOS - Episode: 2"

WHOOKOS is back and better than ever! That was some awesome animation! Especially those fight scenes. keep up the great work!

Oh wow dude! 10 minutes!? That looked like a ton of work!
Those 3D backgrounds are crazy awesome! Great job blending them with your
2D characters. Also the VO is so expressive, great job all. Funny dialouge, great action, and super cool music! I'm curious about the overarching story and how this new character relates.
This is your best yet!!! Super excited for more. XD

WHOOKOS responds:

Thanks! I had a hard time blending the characters with the background in the past, so I'm glad I'm improving! And I'm so glad the voices fit. Poor voice acting plagued my past work.

Yeeeess! So worth the wait!