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Smith & Smith

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a blacksmith? Now you can make this dream come true! Forge, sell and upgrade your products. Learn and use skills to make even more money and become world's best blacksmith!

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i have played hundreds of idle games on many platforms and i am always a stickler for these, i really like it, i understand what others are saying about the buttons left hand of screen but to me its not a deal breaker, would really like to see more idle games from you in the future well done and thanks

I've been playing this game for days, and it stopped keeping accurate track of money and ability counters when I wasn't looking right at the screen, but reloading every now and again seemed to do the trick.

Today I reloaded, and now it says I've got no save game. I don't care how good the game was until now, that's a 0 from me.

My attempt at reverse engineering the progress save algorithm:
Please PM me about how you made the save / load algorithm, im very curios to see how it works.

I liked this game, not too different from other idle games, but it was simple. Too bad, as others have said, it is broken now. No point of having and idle game that only works when it is open. It also happened a few days ago. Even the skills won't decrease timer if the game is closed.

Regarding the error of the save not being found, reloading the game does work since it finds the saved game.

My feedback: The only thing I would like to see different was the "Back" button, sometimes it was almost invisible, I guess it is due to having same colors as the background. Probably chang the color of the button or letters might help. Also of course, fix the problem of the game not progressing after being closed, otherwise, it defeats its purpose of and idle game.

Just to mirror the other recent comments, the game is no longer idling when it's closed, which, unfortunately for this game, is most of the point. I'm not sure if you changed something that ended up breaking the game, or if it breaks at a certain point (85K inflation, reset about a dozen times).

I guess I'll check back for a couple days to see if the problem is fixed, but after that I'm going to give up. It's a shame too, because I enjoyed this simple little idler.