Reviews for "Smith & Smith"

I like it quite a lot. My only complaint is that it's an idle game. There's easily enough content to cross this over to a strategy business game. Despite my dislike for the entire "Idle game" genre, there is no denying that this game is well planned and executed.

Maybe in the future you could use your skills to make a good point & click adventure?

Grevicor responds:

Thank you. Currently I am not planning on making a game like this, but maybe someday :)

"polski", no nie wierze :D

Grevicor responds:

A jednak :)

A little more animation would have been nice, but the choice of music and the retro graphics are pretty decent for what they are.

A fun little game, really well done.

Not a bad start. Given the length of time it takes to get to through the achievements list, there REALLY should be a save feature so you don't lose progress, even if that only saves your inflation number and makes you restart as if you've reset.

Still, even though there's no player controlled action, it's a nice break from the plethora of 'escape' games that have been posted lately. Keep improving this, please. :)

Grevicor responds:

Actually, the game has a save feature, but in some cases it doesn't work propely. For example deleting browser history or using incognito mode causes the save data to be lost. I'll add a backup option to prevent losing progress so easily.

Very addictive!!