Reviews for "Smith & Smith"

A generous 3 stars. I think there's a glitch in the upgrades section for "1 000 Thousand" for an upgrade or something. And my computer can't figure out the codesfor progress so that sucked.

Could use some medals, but otherwise it's an okay idler.

So, you're made another simple idle game, without no any new ideas, with a lot of bugs and hoping to get high-star rating on Newgrounds?
Good luck.

This game do not deserve to be on a frontpage.
But if it is, then it only says how awful are other games.

great idle game but boy is newgrounds spammed with these types of games, and its better than most but still falls far from the top.

my complaints:
>i cant use the save feature, it wont let me copy and paste
>once you buy the skills you cant read what they do anywhere after that. I have no idea what my skills do.
>its not explained how to get inflation points, by hovering over the icon i recommend a popup that says "get these from the skill menu"
> the 10million dollar start over power up needs to be explained more. For example say something like "for every 1000 level ups you get 1 inflation point."
>the 90million doller inflation point skill needs to be explained more "once a day you can activate this skill to gain 4 inflation points"
> Its never explained what inflation points even do lol!
>game stops running if i open another tab (still runs if i open another window)

its a huge fail that no where in the whole game i have read anything that explains inflation points, at least tell us what they are in the game description.

i really love idol games and these type of well made games are why