Reviews for "Smith & Smith"

It seems ok as idle games go, but why does an 8-bit interface need do much memory & have so much lag when you click buttons? Reeks of sloppy coding.

I felt slightly annoyed that I couldn't see how much each piece made per second and had to do the math myself. It made it harder to tell how effective each upgrade was or make any meaningful plan as to what to do next. Also, as has been stated numerous times, it would be nice to have a more precise explanation of the skills effects. Effect amounts and the amount of time it actually lasts. Idle games are all about the numbers and making them bigger, but you can't do that if you never see the numbers, yeah? Also, the skill description in the skill shop is no longer available after you buy, so that's not great. Still, it's a pretty good game. Didn't blow my mind or anything, but it's pretty good.

Aside from the interface being decent, there is no game here. Click a button, earn gold, click newer buttons. And as others have said, there is no real explanation of the lefthand buttons.

no explanation of the buttons on the left. no explanation for why buying something generates x/time but buying a second unit of it doesn't increase the revenue to 2*x/time.

terrible color choice.

Nice idle game, but what do the buttons on the left do?

Grevicor responds:

The buttons on the left are skills. Their effect is in the description when you are buying them.