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Cerebral Game Stew

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Welcome to Cerebral Game Stew!

How will the game look, play, smell, or taste?

Try a random seed-code and explore a STEW of possible (shooting) games! Or just input your favourite number and see what comes from it, the power is YOURS.

A little experimental procedural game with a bunch of random game modes, made within a week for the PROC JAM 2016.

WASD to move.
Use your handy MOUSE to shoot things.

EDIT (12-03-2016) - Thanks for Frontpage!, :D
As the game has been a bit confusing for some, here's a brief introduction:
HOW does it work? - When you input a number(seed) at the start screen, you get into one of multiple possible games with variable objectives.
Each game consists on a total of 3 stages within a randomly picked set of characters and scenarios. if you finish the game (or if you lose) you are given the option to try a different seed for a different game. as the system makes the game based on different patterns, the aspects and quality of each one will differ a lot! so for us, part of the fun of the game was also the experience of trying the different possibilities!

>A few recommended seeds:
438 - Fast and populated deathmatch!
736 - Molar fetch quest with laser gun
56 - Go through and shoot enemies over cheese.
59 - Time attack! kill them before time runs out.
243 -Survival mode', (has the pig from the thumbnail ;) )

Found a cool one?, drop it in the reviews!

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Try 90909

A large and impressive asorti of graphics for enemies, bullets, pickubles and environments, but all games are basicly the same - shoot everything, then move on. Gameplay gets boring before the variety of graphics does.

Mouse cursor really should be animated, the standard looked too plain for the nice graphics.

i call this world OCEAN of STRANGE seed 965

i think its really really good a good time waster, BUT have bugs a lot.

Suddenly can not move forward because the game was stuck in one of the doors everything turns black and the character does not manage to walk, many of the buttons do not work. Leaving that to one side is very entertaining the game to spend a little time shooting, the variety in map characters and enemies makes it very nice.

The idea I do not see 100% original since there are many games of this style still so the art seems very original and good quality.

Some update in the future that passes you to collect updgrades of the floor?or idk more enemys .

btw!!! amazing game!

Starting form 5/10,

+5: RNG determines the sprites, rooms, difficulty and objective you get.
+1: Bright and pleasing visuals.
+2: Good choice of music.
-1: A bit simple even for a random game.
-6: Very buggy, life carries over, replay doesn't work, music turns off by default when clicking replay, etc.

I don't exactly see it as "fun" or anything, but more of a "What will I get this time?" application. But it definitely has potential.