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Cerebral Game Stew

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Welcome to Cerebral Game Stew!

How will the game look, play, smell, or taste?

Try a random seed-code and explore a STEW of possible (shooting) games! Or just input your favourite number and see what comes from it, the power is YOURS.

A little experimental procedural game with a bunch of random game modes, made within a week for the PROC JAM 2016.

WASD to move.
Use your handy MOUSE to shoot things.

EDIT (12-03-2016) - Thanks for Frontpage!, :D
As the game has been a bit confusing for some, here's a brief introduction:
HOW does it work? - When you input a number(seed) at the start screen, you get into one of multiple possible games with variable objectives.
Each game consists on a total of 3 stages within a randomly picked set of characters and scenarios. if you finish the game (or if you lose) you are given the option to try a different seed for a different game. as the system makes the game based on different patterns, the aspects and quality of each one will differ a lot! so for us, part of the fun of the game was also the experience of trying the different possibilities!

>A few recommended seeds:
438 - Fast and populated deathmatch!
736 - Molar fetch quest with laser gun
56 - Go through and shoot enemies over cheese.
59 - Time attack! kill them before time runs out.
243 -Survival mode', (has the pig from the thumbnail ;) )

Found a cool one?, drop it in the reviews!

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try 12345

Kinda like if Diablo 1 had a child with some child's random concept of a video game, which is cool. A little buggy, though. And WAY too easy

Try 90909

A large and impressive asorti of graphics for enemies, bullets, pickubles and environments, but all games are basicly the same - shoot everything, then move on. Gameplay gets boring before the variety of graphics does.

Mouse cursor really should be animated, the standard looked too plain for the nice graphics.

i call this world OCEAN of STRANGE seed 965