Reviews for "Cerebral Game Stew"

This is a fun game! I haven't played that many procedurally generated games, but this one has a pretty cool concept. The gameplay is easy to grasp and the variety seems to be pretty abundant. I really like that some games have different objectives than others, as well as the bizarre characters and textures. I think this game is a great candidate for the best of November 2016!

That being said, I would like for a pause menu to be added to the game that allows the player to restart or exit the game. I know this was made for a game jam, it's just a suggestion I think could make it easier for players to quickly try many random seeds. I also see the potential drawback adding a pause button may have, though - since this game uses the mouse for shooting, it's possible someone could accidentally click the pause button while shooting stuff everywhere.

My first seed was 981, where I got a wizard chick collecting Rubik's cubes underwater.

Pretty sweet game! There's a couple of things that aren't working though like when you complete a seed it doesn't add it in the Completed seeds menu and the continue button doesn't seem to do anything.
Nice work!

THAT'S AWESOME! WHO ADD THAT TOUGHT? Seriously that thing is awesome! Running around in a cheese maze shooting lazers on robots is fun!

Interesting concept, but it's oddly... repetitive.

You need pickups, some good & some bad. Multi-D shoot, no ammo, slow, speed, change seed for 30 seconds, one shot kill, speed-up monsters, bomb traps, glue are some that pop to mind and most of those requires little extra coding to implement.

The possibility to activate or peek at a mini-map to give a sense of using strategy to the player. In keeping with the variability of your worlds, perhaps the map is pickup activated, perhaps a console-type object to touch & consult, sometimes it give a partial preview of the level, or a full map, or only rooms explored. Sometimes it tells you the number of monsters in a room, sometimes it shows unexplored doors vs explored one.

A save spot that revives _once_ and a pickup that heals 1 point would be nice and not imbalance the easy-death aspect of the game,, specially if balanced with trap spots and mined pickups.

Was this coded for a game jam event? If soo, kudos for getting the design it this far in a fixed time window!

i call this world OCEAN of STRANGE seed 965