Reviews for "Cerebral Game Stew"

This is super-cool! Loved the art and the concept is great. Would love to see something bigger along these lines.

When I complete a seed it doesn't show up in the completed seeds section, and when I win, clicking continue doesn't work. I'm playing using Chrome. I also have no idea what I'm doing, and why there's a black box in the upper right hand area of the screen. I'll give it two stars because it seems intriguing, and because it looks pretty, but for me at least, the game is broken.

I like the concept. I could see it being a good time waster, but there needs to be an explanation, tutorial, or rules page before starting.
*Not touchpad nor mobile friendly*

Interesting concept, but it's oddly... repetitive.

You need pickups, some good & some bad. Multi-D shoot, no ammo, slow, speed, change seed for 30 seconds, one shot kill, speed-up monsters, bomb traps, glue are some that pop to mind and most of those requires little extra coding to implement.

The possibility to activate or peek at a mini-map to give a sense of using strategy to the player. In keeping with the variability of your worlds, perhaps the map is pickup activated, perhaps a console-type object to touch & consult, sometimes it give a partial preview of the level, or a full map, or only rooms explored. Sometimes it tells you the number of monsters in a room, sometimes it shows unexplored doors vs explored one.

A save spot that revives _once_ and a pickup that heals 1 point would be nice and not imbalance the easy-death aspect of the game,, specially if balanced with trap spots and mined pickups.

Was this coded for a game jam event? If soo, kudos for getting the design it this far in a fixed time window!

I didn't really get it, I just killed everything like it told me too. I found picking up the teeth would randomly increase the firing rate of the gun but i don't know if that what's they're for. I tried Seed: 666 and that music was awesome and got me really into the game. I honestly have no idea what the seed-code does or what the point of this game is, but it kept interested and I played the crap out of this game. Now back to the game, going to try doing seed 1-100, no idea what it will change in the game but I am having a blast playing this game. Random is the best word to describe this game.