Reviews for "Cerebral Game Stew"

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Pretty sweet game! There's a couple of things that aren't working though like when you complete a seed it doesn't add it in the Completed seeds menu and the continue button doesn't seem to do anything.
Nice work!

This is a fun game! I haven't played that many procedurally generated games, but this one has a pretty cool concept. The gameplay is easy to grasp and the variety seems to be pretty abundant. I really like that some games have different objectives than others, as well as the bizarre characters and textures. I think this game is a great candidate for the best of November 2016!

That being said, I would like for a pause menu to be added to the game that allows the player to restart or exit the game. I know this was made for a game jam, it's just a suggestion I think could make it easier for players to quickly try many random seeds. I also see the potential drawback adding a pause button may have, though - since this game uses the mouse for shooting, it's possible someone could accidentally click the pause button while shooting stuff everywhere.

My first seed was 981, where I got a wizard chick collecting Rubik's cubes underwater.