Reviews for "Cerebral Game Stew"

Played it for a minute, that's about all it's worth.

Why am I shooting things? What do the pickups do? Where's the exit? Why does my gun act differently from last seed? Why is my movement different? Where should I focus my attention?

I don't know what proc jam is, but I get the feeling this didn't take a long time to make. Is that right?

It's nice. The emenies and stuff look cool. But the backgrounds make my eyes dazzled

THAT'S AWESOME! WHO ADD THAT TOUGHT? Seriously that thing is awesome! Running around in a cheese maze shooting lazers on robots is fun!

It starts well.
Then, after clearing all the rooms without any challenge (always the same ennemies), the "replay" button didnt worked.

The same for the "Completed seed" board.
Also, after exiting and starting a new game, my life was still as low as it was on my previous game, and sometimes i can't reach the doors because of the random algorithm.

So clearly, it needs polish and some work to be great.

Yup, I like this. Could even consider to buy it for ps3, like that Castle Crashers. Most certanly try this again.