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Vampire Pixel in the Neon City

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Episode 1: A Job Half Done

A sinister deal is underway in the underbelly of Neon City, and it's up to Vampire Pixel to save the day!

Animated by Anthony "Kreid" Price

Written by Anthony "Kreid" Price and Chris Harrison

Sound and music by Daniel Dunkley

Bindy Coda as Viare
Jill Harris as Veetoo
Dave Dixon as Viking
Ben Carswell as Vextor
Mick Lauer as Gang Leader
Monica Franco as Gang Girl

Additional background art by
Nik Castaneda
Monica Franco
Jack Gray
Paul ter Voorde
Jordan Comeaux

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I like this animation. It's pretty nostalgic, reminding me of Saturday morning cartoons I grew up with. Most notably, it has a spark of professionalism that most amateur works lack. I would not be totally surprised if some or all of the people who worked on this have professional or commission work experience.

The sound design is fantastic. It is even better than the visuals in my opinion. The voice actors are talented and passionate. The lead protagonist is especially convincing; it takes skill to use those cheesy one liners and not sound lame, let me tell you. I like her style in general. The musical cues are executed flawlessly, and the sound effects are satisfying. The music is cool as well, if maybe slightly generic. I'm getting faint Mass Effect vibes here.

World design, or what little I see of it so far, looks great. This opening episode does a pretty good job of grabbing my attention, introducing colorful characters in a self-aware fashion, and getting me interested in the world the Vampire Pixels live in, all in the span of around 2 minutes. It's just a shame there will probably be no further episodes.


Not a whole lot is set up in the way of personalities or relationships or how the universe works... and with a name like "vampire pixels" you'd expect them to be... like... vampiric, or pixelated... idk it felt like there was a lot of context missing. "job half done" and all that.
Still, the animation is very good and the voice-acting is excellent.

OMG, is marvelous! I loved it!

Veetoo is useless isn't she?