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Reviews for "Vampire Pixel in the Neon City"

Really good animation. It was wonderfull but something was kinda weird, like there was something missing.

Animation, characters, voice acting was great. But the punches didn't feel like they were punches, the gun shots didn't seem like they actually did damage. I think it definitely needs a sound effect and the punch should look like it has more power to it.

Awesome work guys look forward to your next piece

I like you didn't waste time with a 'making of the team' opening, the VP's here, stuff's getting done. I don't really understand their city and what half of the gang does, but I'm sure there will be more details later.

Kreid responds:

Aye I wanted the pacing to be fast, although some people say they're a little lost with that. I've left a few questions about the city open too, they're gonna be explained in the rest of the series, I just wanted to show the characters and what they do with this one.

It's... really good, but a few small things hold it back. At some points the voices feel super monotone, like they have no life in them. The pacing and timing makes it really awkward and hard to follow what's going on, some scenes will linger for a bit longer than they should. But the animation is really nice and the backgrounds are especially great, probably the best thing about this. Also, I don't really like that "cute" character, I don't know why she's there.