Reviews for "Vampire Pixel in the Neon City"

I feel like a majority of the one liners that make up most of this episode are awful anime clich├ęs, but I also see that to some extent it's to be taken lightly, and has an element of satire, but only enough to be seen by someone looking for it.

Unless I'm just totally missing the mark.

I have a single word for this movie: "GREAAATT" Nice job


FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! it's stupid how people can even give this 4 stars. Uugh critics

Kreid responds:

I don't mind so much if they have something constructive to say, first episode is bound to get some things wrong. I'm glad you like it though, thanks!

Great potential but just not my type of series.

Best of luck in making this bigger and better.

Kreid responds:

Thanks for being fair on it either way!