Reviews for "Vampire Pixel in the Neon City"

[+] Great atmosphere
[+] Tron-ish music, love itt!
[+] Color scheme as good

[-] Animation looked flawed in areas
[-] Hard to tell what's going on during the fight scene

Kreid responds:

Yeah the problem is that I was working on and off this for a while so some parts are pretty dated where I was still trying to get on my feet with the style. To be expected from a pilot but I can totally accept that it looks off in areas, thanks!

The colors and animation are great, but the writing not so much.

This is something "Devolver Digital" should turn into a game. Everyone reading this, link this video to Devolver Digital on twitter.

I want this made. There's the music, the colours, the everything else that fits with "Hotline miami", etc.

Really want this to happen.

Kreid responds:

Took a bit of inspiration from Hotline Miami so I'm glad you think it works!

That was really professional! NG could use some quality like this!

Aw, if only it was longer. :(