Reviews for "Vampire Pixel in the Neon City"

Really well animated! Nice camera work. The most effective part of this ep was probably the sound production, which was very high quality and well put together! You have a very vibrant color palette that aids the feel of what your animation was going for.

I deducted only half a star because all I think this animation needs is more effective extremes...where you can really stretch and squash your well designed characters! I think that might also improve your timing a bit more. Overall, the entire animation was amazing, I can tell your hard work paid off. Will wait for more eps!

Kreid responds:

Dan said thanks for the sound praise! And yeah I can agree with you on the animation, really need to push the extremes a little further, thanks!

I would be honest
Nice animation
Great lighting
Too cliche
Story is a bit off (if there is even one)
That cute girl broke my vibe
Sound/voice was a bit off

But that is only my opinion, some people like that stuff, but me no

thank you for making my day with this awesomeness!

Sooooooooo badass!

Everything is very well executed, great job!