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Cryogenic is a videogame Created in the unity engine. In Cryogenic you play as Jonah, a father who wakes from cryogenic sleep on board the space station “The Ziusudra”. Jonah quickly realises that his daughter Maddie has been Awake for a while and it is your mission as the player to figure out what has happened to her.

I would advice you to play this on Firefox, as it will run smoothly there. Otherwise I would advice you to download the PC or Mac versions available in the link below:

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I enjoyed this a lot, it was a suspenseful story that had you wondering til the very end. Although the ending was a horrenduosly sad, I still enjoyed it all the same.

Having said that, some of the movement could be improved to be more fluid. Also, our main character wakes up in his underwear. You could maybe have him put some clothes on before he goes looking for his child... food for though.

Anyways, great game and keep it up.

Absolutely AWESOME! Movement is quirky but...game(?) is AWESOME!

Wow....saddest game i've played in a while emotionally wise.

Great graphics and amazing voice actor, but the game was slow. The movement was really bad and frustrating at times. If this could be a full blown game where somehow he finds her at the end...oh man. So much potential.

The graphics are pretty good however the strange sound in the background is odd. The writing is very good and Olivia did a wonderful job with the vocals.

man, this was AWESOME! my FAVORITe type of game. But the movement... ugh. Maybe a switch to aDventuremake style could help you. This deserves more exploration. I cannot find ENOUGH of this type of game.