Reviews for "Cryogenic"

Wellmade...uhm..game i guess :)
Maybe just a little short...everything else is okay.

Looking up for future work of you :)

I originally tried playing this game four days ago, and it only half-loaded and hung there. It FINALLY loaded today.

It's hard to call it a game - it's just a single puzzle, nothing more than a game of memory because of how slowly the character walks. Practically everything except the pictures can be completely ignored.

Graphics are great, but what the hell is the sound effect? I understand it's supposed to be a foreboding, sad tale. Hits you right in the feels, except it's so... incomplete? Much to be desired, especially with all the effort put into it.

Voicing is A+. Would date her. Bethesda could use her voice for their characters, seriously. The way she kept calling me daddy... hnnngghh.


The photos have the girl pointing fingers and her age on the back. There are four of them, each one pointing to the order of her age. 13 - 7 - 16 - 9

Great game, but i must be stupid cuz i couldn't figure out the code for the door. i tried for at least 10 minutes and then gave up.

I have to say, as a voice actor, I am very impressed with the voice work. The setting was ideal to enhance the lonely feel of the ship. The story was quite intriguing. As for Aurora, my hat is off to you. Phenomenal work. Setting this in my favorites.

By itself the game is alright, but the voice acting really took it to the next level. It's really terrific.