Reviews for "Cryogenic"

Did anybody proofread this? I really want to like this, because that performance makes the whole experience, but the awful spelling and punctuation on the written notes put me in the wrong mood right from the start. From a story standpoint it's wonderfully laid out (except for the ending, which after such a tense buildup felt tame, if not outright anticlimactic, compared to the kind of horror it had been leading up to), so the buggy controls and flickering information screens detracted from the experience more than they added anything. This could have been a lot simpler than it is and stayed golden from the storytelling alone.

I really enjoyed playing this game, which is kinda weird because I hate short games. I think that the emotional content of the game is what carried it through for me all the way to the end. It just goes to show that it really is a matter (most of the time) of quality over quantity. Also the freaking door code left me feeling stupid for over complicating it. I really hope to see a continuation of the story.

Really nice graphics it felt like a PS2 game on a browser game.
I can't wait till this technology develop and someone makes an RPG with there graphics.

The game was really interesting it had a nice vibe.

The puzzle took me a long time! to complete.
I was doing it all wrong and more complicated that in was.
I did everything I had imagine like + - * the combined numbers.
I finally figure it out thanks to the watch it told me how to do it and it was so simple!
I felt stupid for not figuring it out sooner and over complicated it instead.
I wanted to see daughter I hope there is sequel where you look for your daughter on the planet outside.

Well, that was a heart wrenching tale. Did you take some inspiration from the game Stasis for this?

How surprising. A simple, but good and still unexplored idea of such a dark side of cryosleep and interstellar flights. A game design (mainly interactions) neglectful to the point of being annoying. More of an interactive story than a game. But still it was intense and deep. And the voice actress! Such a good voice acting is unique in the whole game genre, as far as I encountered it.

@Iladan - really, could You tell how would be looking the speech of a child woken up at 7 and left all alone for so long?