Reviews for "Cryogenic"

I dont understand...if theyre in cryogenic sleep....heading towards a planet....why are they in a space STATION? Shouldnt they be in a space SHIP??

I'm abstaining from actually rating officially, but I'll leave this comment. I can't load this game; it says my computer can't allocate enough memory to the webGL window. You really need to work on compression. If I saw your Unity asset folder I could give more detailed advice, but I'd understand if you wanted to keep your source closed.

Maybe your game is cool, but I could not endure its slowness more than 5 minutes. I plead guilty for that.

did you playtest and notice how annoying it is to try to click things while moving because the things you're trying to click are moving around, sometimes quite erratically due to the player moving around obstacles?

nah.. you didn't.

I am just writing this because 1 annoying thing.

While inspecting something, when I move my mouse up, the object spinns down.
If I spin to the left, the object goes to the right.