Reviews for "Cryogenic"

Best "PainKeeper" game ever. Worst game ever, for sure :) Very uniqe & well done!

Great game, but i must be stupid cuz i couldn't figure out the code for the door. i tried for at least 10 minutes and then gave up.

Awesome game! I wouldn´t be able to describe it just with words. the sound, the animation, the artwork, everything is neat! the only thing i would complain about is the movement engine, sometimes, the character is a little bit difficult to move to the desired point, but everything else is unique. I´m waiting for a sequel c:

man, this was AWESOME! my FAVORITe type of game. But the movement... ugh. Maybe a switch to aDventuremake style could help you. This deserves more exploration. I cannot find ENOUGH of this type of game.

Absolutely AWESOME! Movement is quirky but...game(?) is AWESOME!