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Author Comments

I can't believe I've not released a game since "Lost Outpost" ?

Anyway, Rot is kind of a spiritual successor to the Outpost games ( I'm a one trick pony ), but where we went dark and atmospheric with those, Rot is bright and really doesn't take itself seriously.

Is there any point to me explaining the features ? I mean it must have loaded by now. Ok, weapons to unlock / upgrade, outfits to unlock because who doesn't want to be dressed as a giant banana when killing zombies, and different game modes to choose from just when you were getting bored with the normal one.

This is our first large HTML5 game, and... well, it's really not Flash. HTML5 does some things better, but a lot of things worse.

Ok one last thing, you'll have seen the heavy handed Greenlight banner in the game. We're building a vastly improved version called "Rot Purge" in Unity for Windows / Mac / Linux. If you enjoy Rot please check out Rot Purge. Thanks.

Update: If the arrow keys are causing the entire site to scroll, please stick with WASD. Also right mouse button to change your weapon.

Update 2: I've gone back to the original speed to try and fix the walking through barriers bug. Also the magnet is more powerful now, so hurray! ( And let's see what breaks next. I miss Flash )

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Good game, gets boring soon

This was pretty good, but could have been quite a bit better. Things I'd like to see:

1. I have no way of making "extra" money. I'm pretty much completely bound to one pacing, one character development path, and one playstyle. This wouldn't be so bad, except some weapons are completely useless(assault rifle) by the time you can get them, so forcing me into considering it the "best choice" and wasting upgrade money on it instead of something useful made me feel like I needed to restart. Leads into problem 2.

2. I can't restart this game. Why the hell not? Like you knew you should put in a save purge, you just didn't? It's very odd and there's no way for me to correct the mistakes I was pretty much forced into making.

3. There's no way that I could tell to figure out which zombies are pukers. I can't plan for them, I just have to dodge at semi-random times. If they flashed or something, or had some easily identifiable design, this wouldn't be bad. As it is there's just something that makes close-range kiting annoying, which means I have to make bigger circles, which means I can't utilize skill in a fun way anymore. It's lame, and it sortof breaks the fun part for me.

4. I don't want the only upgrades to be weapon upgrades. Let me make the guy himself better.

The challenge system are a bit off, after clearing the last tier(5th) it jumps to 6th tier with 1st tier reward and completion target, screenshot for your reference


and by the way, for peoples that don't watch gameplay carefully, you can switch weapon by right-click to bring up weapon menu...

Squize responds:

Oh thank you so much for the grab ( And sorry about it breaking on you ). If I get chance to have another pass at the game I'll fix that.


A bit frustrating for me seeing as I could never switch from the pistol. Even after buying a couple of weapons I could never use them so it made it way more challenging but quickly got old.

First the good:
-Fun game, great time sink.
-I like the pixel look. Makes it look slightly retro.
-Great progression scheme. I like the rank unlocks.

The bad:
-I prefer a little story to my games. Maybe throw in a small story that unfolds.
-Progression is a little slow. I had to play 10 days of game before being able to afford the next weapon, after unlocking all weapons. Perhaps using the secondary currency to buy weapons, while upgrades are coins....
-Along with the secondary currency, being able to buy upgrades to outfit would be nice as well. Bonuses to defense, speed, firing rate, etc.

Great job, can't wait to see more.

Side note: Penalties for dying are in literally EVERY video game out there. Quit your bitchin', and have fun.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2015
7:48 AM EDT