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Reviews for "Rot"

I personally think this game is pretty damn fun. I don't get the haters here. Sharpnova, dude, you need to lighten up. You stress over the small stuff, you will die a lonely person. The only thing with this game is it seems to take forever to be able to level up to an effective state. Other than that small detail, the game is good.

Squize responds:

Thanks mate.
Balancing out the levelling up is always so tricky in every game, you never want the player to go more than a couple of rounds without something new to either get, or be in reach of getting, which means you either need to have tons of content which usually ends up with a lot filler, or decent things to unlock but then you can get everything fairly quickly so you have to spread it out more than you'd like ( Like I did :) )

i personally love the game.

sharpnova, that's a normal thing now. death has consequences.

Squize responds:

I'm calling death has consequences as a band name ;)
( Thanks for the review )

I sometimes just.. have no clue how people can make such bad game design choices and not really think about how something in their game will affect the player.

When I died and dropped a bunch of gold.... of course I quit.

Of course I did... how would that reaction not be obvious?

It's not a difficulty thing. It's an annoyance thing and makes my work feel meaningless.

Squize responds:

There has to be an element of risk / reward in games, like stories need some sort of tension to make them interesting and push them forward.
There are no lives, no game over, the _only_ risk you run is that you can lose up to 10 coins. Now even when you drop these, you can still collect them, the only punishment for failing ( Which is what dying is in games ) is that these dropped coins don't last as long so it's a little unlikely you'll be able to reclaim them all.
Pretty much exactly the same as the rings in Sonic, but without a lose of life or a game over screen.

Would you prefer lives and a game over screen, so that when you die the penalty is having to click through a few more screens to continue pretty much where you left off rather than a chance to continue exactly where you were at a cost of 10 coins at most ?
I make a game with infinite lives and a minor penalty and that's still too harsh it seems.

It looked like so much fun untill I started playing 8^(

Graphics look fun and simple - perfect for an online game. Sound effects are pretty good as well. So far so good.
The game setup feels unpolished. Starting the game in a swarm of zombies and losing 50% of health right away? Dang! Not beeing able to re-load manually is also hard to swallow. No manual reload in King of the Hill means that style of play is a no-no for me. Running around with 1 bullet and not beeing able to reload? 8^/
Upgrades feel a bit expensive to my taste. Fortunately you can replay levels to earn extra gold. That's no luxary here. Not sure if I'm just picky - do others agree with the gold-income thingie?

You (developer) showed ballz by making the leap from Flash to HTML 5. For that I take my hat off good sir/miss. You've taken the step from the past to the future, something bigger developers refuse to do because (imho) they are close minded and don't want to progress (one trick pony). Coding-wise and game-element-wise there remain a couple of challenges for you to tackle. If these are adressed in "Rot Purge" then thumbs up. But right now I can't help feeling like a guinney pig. Are we your beta testers? If so that's no shame but just say so. I think reviews and feedback will be more constructive and forgiving if you mention this clearly in game.

Just my 2 cents.

Squize responds:

Thanks for the well thought out response.
The main point I want to address is the issue of treating everyone like a beta tester. That's NEVER been the case, and never will be.
Rot was made in HTML5 because it's a skill I need to learn, like DN8 Pulse was made using Stage3D ( And I got slaughtered for that ), but it's still the game I wanted to make. I've never jumped on any genre bandwagons ( Says the guy who's just released a zombie game, but in my defence I'm at least 3 years too late ) just for the sake of an easy sale, every game I've made is because I've wanted to play it.

Now, Rot was going to be bigger. It's currently capped at rank level 25 but I was originally planning 50, but it reached the point where I would just be throwing money away. The HTML5 game market isn't like the Flash one ( And that's all but dead ), for every traditional sponsor like Miniclip ( Who sponsored this ) there's 10 sponsors who just want simple little games that will work on mobile, and they'll pay next to nothing for it.
So at present there's something like 18 outfits in the game ? That's x4 because we support two skin tones and both male and female. Each outfit is 20 frames of animation for the rotation, so it's an insane amount of frames for those outfits, adding another 20 or so to reach level 50 would have been so much work that I'd still be working on it now.
There's more content in Rot than Outpost:Swarm, which we did in half the time and earned over twice as much for. Factor in HTML5 is absolute hell to develop in, that every browser update can break something, that it's got to work in say 4 different browsers across two major platforms ( Not counting mobile ) all with their own weird quirks that you have to hack around.

The plan to move over to Unity to do a big balls out version happened around the time I realised I needed, not so much to cut back on Rot, but not go mental and put everything ever in it. So this isn't a cut down version done purely as a Greenlight advert, content wise I'm proud of it, I would be proud if I'd thrown as much into a Flash game ( Lost Outpost has more content, but then there were two of us working on it, and for a solid 9 months ).

Phew :)

Sorry if this reply comes across as me being butt hurt, I'm really not, I just think it's important to explain these things where I can. Also feedback like yours really does help Rot Purge be a better game ( I do really regret not giving the player a shield at the start of a level, or ensuring that no zombies can attack you straight away, that was poor design )


Can't change my weapon. I've been right clicking for days and it won't switch to any of the weapons I've purchased.