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Reviews for "Rot"

How do ii get to the game i click rot off the games page and it just brings me to reviews and authors notes

Game was ok but its too repetitive.
The crystals were useless I wish I could use them to buy bonuses or that I could sell them for money.
After you get all outfits which is wayyy sooner than getting all weapons in the game.
The game felt like what is the point? I pass levels that are the same over and over and just buy new weapon or upgrades. It would be nice if there was an actual story.

Squize responds:

It was always meant as a horde shooter rather than a story / campaign based one, as being totally open about it, a decent length campaign takes a really long time to develop and the market for HTML5 games isn't what it used to be for Flash games.
Thanks for taking the time to play it and post feedback mate :)

It's a good enough game to make me believe that you're a competent programmer, but it's lacking in imagination. When you make a zombie shooter game in the 3rd Person style, you're immediately going up against SAS Zombie Assault and Decision which are games that are really at the top of the genre when it comes to this. And because of this, you're going to have to redesign the way your players play shooters. This is alot like Boxhead in my opinion, and there's nothing too new going on here.

Sorry to break it to you, but this game isn't breaking any ceilings anytime soon. I want you to be more ambitious with your next game.

Not too bad of a game, but I've had a few problems with it ...

the game feels horrible, in top down shooters like this one it matters alot, the complete lack of animations apart from particles makes this game feel kinda bland, not to mention the weapon changing -which poses the game- is breaking the little action this game has.

The way melee works is not explained anywhere AND is glitched : there's a cooldown only for hitting the same zombie, if you find yourself stuck between two zombies just tap left and right and they should be dead in no time !

Speaking of glitch, this one is of the unconvenient type, I once started a level between 2 bosses, which got me stuck and instakilled.

Apart from that, money balance is mediocre at best, some weapon upgrades barely changing anything to the weapon and some useful one increased by a ridiculous amount !

So yeah, even if I apreciate the ZQSD option, there is still ALOT lacking to make this a good game, unfortunately.

Squize responds:

That's a really awesome well written review mate, I don't agree with all of it but there are some excellent points in there, thank you.

High hopes and a promising start dashed to pieces.

Movement is fluid and shooting is mostly fun.

A magnet that isn't an upgrade but a boost AND it cost's 3000?!? It's not even that good. I pretty much have to stand next to the coin to get it anyway.
Rage is also a boost and normally takes 97% of the day to charge, meaning it's worthless.
Voxels make it hard to tell enemies apart.
You can only but a very small amount of weapon upgrades, meaning you have to buy higher weapons and therefore a lot of ammo.
Menu navigation is annoying.
I keep being told new outfits are to buy but all the unlocked ones are free and I can't unlock the others. So jewels have no purpose whatsoever.

Squize responds:

Just to go over your points:
I've improved the magnet, it'll take the fillings out of your teeth now.
Rampage is triggered when you get a 10 combo and maintain that, as soon as you lose your combo the rampage counter is reset.
Not a 100% sure why you'd need to tell enemies apart, they're all enemies, there's no friendlies in the game. The sprinters move faster, the bosses are bigger, the pukers puke and so on.
I don't know how many more weapon upgrades you'd need than what's there, there are multiple upgrades at multiple levels.
The outfits unlock at certain ranks and have a jewel cost attached to them, once you hit that rank and if you have enough jewels you should be able to buy them.

Thanks for the feedback, it's always useful to read.