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Reviews for "Rot"

What homelessman1 said:

Fun, glitchy, lotta bugs, but fun as hell.

Hellsya! When it stops giving me a black screen freeze between days, I will change my opinion, as I cannot change my review!

Have fun! :-)

Squize responds:

Fun and glitchy, that's going to be on my gravestone I think ;)
Not sure why you're getting stuck between levels, it does load in data for each one, but once you've played through all the levels it should be in your browser cache and loading will be a lot quicker.

Thanks for having some faith with your review mate, it means a lot.

Fun, but I found it to be very buggy. I kept glitching through things more than once, and got stuck outside the play area on one occasion. I also kept not getting rewarded my combo kills, meaning I could not enter rampage mode, despite kill large numbers of zombie. A fun game aside from those issues though, and not too many issues considering it's your first large entry on HTML5.

Squize responds:

I made the mistake of increasing the player speed as it moved so slowly compared to the Unity version I'm working on now, and I guess that's what's allowing you to slip through the physics engine.
Thanks for pointing that out mate, I'll push an update tomorrow and revert back to the default speed.

First off I wanted to point out how the player has to figure out on their own how to switch weapons. Second of all I really wanted to enjoy this game but I came across a movement glitch that forced me into a corner I could not get out from, this got worse and happened progressively more often as the game went on until it became unplayable. To make things worse on a few different levels when the day begins they are already on you. This happened twice to me at one point I was at half health before my character could move.

Squize responds:

It does actually show how to change your weapons at the start of day 2, when you get the SMG. I've updated the description to include that though.

Looked promising but the entire browser scrolls when you move the arrow key. Fix that problem (if it isn't just my computer) and resubmit it.

Squize responds:

*sigh* this is the beauty of HTML. Ok I'll look into it, thanks for flagging it up, in the mean time just as a heads up for anyone else having this issue, WASD works.

This is some voxel zombie slaying loveliness!