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It's ok

Wow. not bad. In fact. i like it

HEAT9 responds:

how can I make you love it? currently I am working on challenges with skin rewards.

As the all time top-scorer for this game, I can genuinely say it has provided me with some of the most fun I've had this year. The learning curve is pretty steep for some of the higher level shapes because of their rarity, so this game definitely gets more challenging as it goes. The thing that keeps me coming back is the fact that I don't think I've seen every container shape yet. That's such a tantalizing goal for me. Absolutely love this game.

HEAT9 responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed review, I didnt think that getting all the pots would be of interest. I shall add a statistics page that details player progress as to what pots have been reached/perfected and the rest will be black boxes or silhouettes until reached...

I especially liked this game for the fact that it was simple and yet engaging and replayable. From the very outset it was fun and challenging, and as new container shapes emerged it became harder as well. Lovely game.

HEAT9 responds:

Thank you for the review because it helps me learn what people like the most about the game, or what they don't like so I can fix it :)

I seldom write reviews, but I had to write down my train of thought here:

"This game is stupid".
"What the hell? game over? Silly game."
"Do I get to upgrade something? No. Stupid game."
30 min later: "Wait, that oval shape got me the last time.....how late is it?"

Bloody brilliant game, congratz! The whole physics aspect, with the hope you will make it without popping the lid off, somehow managed me to entertain for almost an hour. Truly a weird but cool gem you tend to totally underestimate at the beginning.

HEAT9 responds:

Thanks for detailing your experience :) I heard similar things from friends, but what generally happens is that they spend a lot of time playing it the first 3 days then get burnt out and return much less. I know the game's longevity can be improved and it is still in development, but I am not exactly sure what that 'upgrade something' is going to be. Right now I am thinking about adding coins to buy skins and general game statistics such as which pots the player passed (there are 30 pots that gradually appear with higher scores) and how much popcorn got popped so far. I am always open to suggestions and ideas :) Maybe I'll open a thread about this somewhere on tigsource.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2015
11:51 PM EDT
Action - Other